We facilitate systems transformation through the integration of Inner Development on individual, organisational and systemic levels

Systems Transformation

Through a multi-stakeholder approach we enable the emergence of minimum viable ecosystems for inner development and human flourishing. This is the key component in what we call the IDG Institutionalisation Strategy

Organisations adhering to the IDGs are part of a wider ecosystem of organisations and individuals who research, promote and implement inner development in the service of meeting sustainable development
targets. Ecosystems in each country are critical to develop and share local knowledge and contextualize regional and global expertise.

The IDG Institutionalisation Strategy aims to facilitate the creation of minimum viable ecosystems for inner development

“IDG Hubs” reflect the IDG movement, instrumental in channelling the tremendous groundswell of enthusiasm and energy for the IDG initiative amongst advocates of inner-outer transformation.

“IDG Centers” Multi-stakeholder national ecosystems have greater institutional capacity and a more formal affiliation to the global IDG team. IDG Centers of ‘critical mass’ will eventually facilitate innovation, co-create knowledge, implement training programs, develop public policy and shift popular narratives.

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Institutionalisation Strategy through Minimum Viable Ecosystems for Inner Development and Human Flourishing

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