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Business Partners

IDG Partners are a community of business leaders who are integrating an understanding of inner development into the way their businesses manage change and innovation.

Why Become an IDG Partner?

As an Official IDG Partner you will have a front seat in all of the developments of this growing movement and join a community grounded in solid scientific methods.

Partners benefits include four exclusive partner meetings a year, invitations and discounts to our events like the IDG Summit 2024 and more.

As a partner, your team can go a learning journey on how to to integrate inner development in larger organisations, and join forces to navigate this field together.

A sneak peek into the Partner Meeting Experience...

“The IDGs are a great source of inspiration for us to strengthen and revise our competence development roadmaps.”

Susanne Waidzunas
Global Supply Manager, IKEA

“IDG has equipped us with transformative skills needed to collaboratively address wicked problems in the healthcare system that a corporate entity can’t solve on its own.”

Nina Bressler
Global Head of Societal Learning, Novartis

“IDG offers valuable competencies for the future, serving as a comprehensive framework that emphasizes continuous growth and extends beyond individual to organizational development.”

Michiel Bakker
VP Workplace Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability, Google

Change at the Heart of Business

Our Theory of change rests in the power of organisations to drive a mindshift towards integrating inner development at scale.

Want to learn more about how IDG Partners like IKEA, Stena, or Google are leveraging the IDG Framework in their strategy, HR, and sustainability efforts?

Read the IDG Whitepaper with Case Studies from our partners as well as a practitioner tool on helping you get started bring IDG into your organisation.

Join the IDG Partner Program

If you know exactly what you want from a partnership, you can see pricing information for our partnership packages here.

If you are only interested in Summit sponsoring opportunities, please see this document.

A global community of organisations integrating inner development into their work towards a better future.


The Inner Development Goals serve the unlocking of our capacity to navigate complex change for societal transformation. Our partner foundations are working at the forefront of this change, and building a coalition for inner development in their sectors.

For more information, contact us.

The IDG Framework is not another framework to implement, rather it is a lens that helps map, understand, and refine your strategy.

IDG Ecosystem Partnerships

Public Sector

Our public sector collaborations aim to bring inner development both into the institutions as well as into policy making and ultimately, society.

If your public sector organisation is looking to bring inner development into your work, click below.


Our research and academic partners are co-creators of the IDG Framework, and together we work on ensuring the scientific grounding of our work.

To join the research co-creation behind the IDG Framework 2.0, get in touch. 


Our network partners support bringing inner development into a wide variety of contexts working on the complex nature of change and transformation.

If you are a non-profit or civil society organisation, join the network. 

A Movement for Everyone​

The IDG Framework is open-source and in the creative commons, so you can use it permission-free.

To connect with others, there is a growing number of more than 600 hubs worldwide, which you can learn about here.

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Who Are We?

From meetings some of the brightest minds in adult development on a small island in the Stockholm archipelago emerged a movement around a framework of the inner growth needed for the sustainability transition: The Inner Development Goals.

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