Unleashing capacities on 3 levels

Leadership Program

The Global Leadership for Sustainable Development (GLSD) Programme supports participants to develop their inner capacities and integrate the IDGs into their processes, policies, strategies and operations, to accelerate their work towards Sustainable Development Goals.

The GLSD programme is suitable for organisations within central or local government, public institutions, academia, private sector and civil society who are committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where the top leadership is willing and able to support the integration of inner development as an accelerator for human flourishing and sustainability.

Summary of the evaluation from pilot GLSD where you can find some smashy quotes, for example “This programme should be for every human on the planet” – GLSD participant

Inner Roadmap for Sustainable Success

Accelerating organisational performance through Inner Development

Learning objectives on different levels

Policy Development

Integrating Inner Development Goals (IDG) into National Policies: A Strategic Approach
We are pleased to introduce our strategic framework for the integration of Inner Development Goals (IDG) into the policies and practices of national advocacy groups and local institutions. This initiative is rooted in our commitment to sustainable development and the belief that inner development is essential for achieving lasting external change.
Our approach emphasizes the creation of a structured and institutionalized coalition to ensure the seamless incorporation of IDGs into organizational frameworks. The process involves comprehensive stakeholder mapping, analysis of local contexts, initiation of strategic partnerships, and the careful designation of IDG Centers to facilitate effective integration.

We invite governments, policy-makers, and diplomats to engage with this strategy as a means to enhance the personal and relational capacities of leaders and citizens alike. By incorporating IDGs into the design and assessment of sustainable development policies, we can collectively foster a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future.
We look forward to collaborating with international partners and stakeholders in this endeavor, and we are committed to providing support and guidance throughout the integration process. Together, we can ensure that IDGs are at the forefront of policy development, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world.

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