From Inner
Growth to
Outer Change


The Space
In Between

16–18 October
Stockholm, Sweden
& Online

Between stimulus and response there is a space...

Viktor E. Frankl

On 16-18 October 2024, corporate, educational, civil society and governmental leaders will convene in Stockholm to bridge the inner development and outer impact necessary for true transformation.

Join us in bringing the Inner Development Goals to life, delving into the depths of our inner potential and turning our complex challenges into opportunities for impactful leadership and positive change.

Grounded in the 5 dimensions of the IDG Framework, experience a fusion of global perspectives from science, business, government, academia, and the arts as we collectively step into ‘The Space in Between’ – a place of unlimited imagination and possibility.

What started as an idea that emerged on an island in the Stockholm archipelago has brought practitioners around the world into dialogue on what it means to put the Inner Development Goals into action for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2022 and 2023, the IDG Summits brought over 2000 guests, including Otto Scharmer, Amy Edmondson, Robert Kegan, Jennifer Garvey Berger, Johan Rockström, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Caroline Casey, and many more, to Stockholm – with thousands joining digitally or from local IDG Hubs.

For this third edition, we aim not to get ‘bigger and better,’ but to grow ‘deeper and broader,’ bringing in more diverse voices and sharing best-practice stories of how inner development is driving transformative change individually, within organisations and across communities.

Join a network of cross-sector changemakers shifting the narrative on sustainability and human development towards more hope and action by harnessing the power of inner development for outer change.

Get ready to dig deeper into the connection between inner development and outer impact, look closely at the gaps that are hard to overcome in our changing world and leave space in between for what wants to emerge.

Be part of a growing global movement that champions deep, meaningful transformation both within and around us.

The times are changing; ensure your leadership is, too.



Speakers and Artists

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In Person Attendees

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Digital Attendees

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Voices of Change

Gail Whiteman

Professor of Sustainability, University of Exeter Business School & Founder, Arctic Basecamp

Wakanyi Hoffman

Author, African Indigenous Knowledge Scholar & Global Speaker of Ubuntu philosophy

Robert Kegan Digital Speaker 🌐

Professor of Adult Development, Harvard University

Jennifer Garvey Berger, PhD

Co-founder & CEO, Cultivating Leadership

Massamba Thioye

Project Executive, Global Innovation Hub, UNFCCC

Emma Stenström

Associate Professor and Co-Director of Center for Arts, Business & Culture, Stockholm School of Economics

Tho Ha Vinh, PhD

Former Program Director, Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan & Founder, Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness & Wellbeing

Erik Fernholm

Co-Founder, 29k Foundation & Co-Initiator, IDG

Katie Hodgetts

Founder, The Resilience Project

Angel Acosta, PhD

Healing-Centered Educator & Director, Garrison Institute’s Fellowship Program

John Mack

Artist & Founder, Life Calling

Tony Bond

SVP, Chief Diversity & Innovation Officer, Great Place to Work

Katharina Moser

Curator & Director, IDG Summit

Laila Martins

Regenerative Innovation Ecosystems & Games Builder

Zak Stein, PhD
Digital Speaker 🌐

Writer, Educator & Futurist

Nina Bressler

Global Head of Societal Learning, Novartis

James Gomme

Director of Education & Knowledge Management, WBCSD

Rodney Irwin

Chief Education Officer, WBCSD

Yeşim Özlale Önen

Group President, Human Capital & Sustainability, Sabanci Holding

Fredrik Lindencrona

Head of Research Co-Creation, IDG

Chen Alon

Theater Director & Israeli Co-founder, Combatants for Peace

Rana Salman

Palestinian Executive Director, Combatants for Peace

Lars Erik Fridolfsson

Head of Fair & Equal Sustainability, Inter IKEA

Jan Artem Henriksson

Executive Director, IDG

Åsa Jarskog

Director, IDG Global Collaboration

Phoebe Tickell

Imagination Activist & Founder, Moral Imaginations

Jamie Bristow

Public Narrative & Policy Development, IDG

Jeroen Janss

Co-Founder, Inner Green Deal

Mézu Ofoegbu

Artist & Founder, ILab

Kjersti Fløgstad

Exective Director, Nobel Peace Center

Dina Baenninger

Strategic Foresight Consultant & Systems Transformation Architect

Rafaela Rolim

ID-X Brazil

Pontus Holmgren

IDG Hubs Co-Coordinator, IDG

Vivianna Rodriguez Carreon, PhD

The IDG Higher Education Circle

Jannik Kaiser Digital Speaker 🌐

Co-Founder, Unity Effect

Yuliya Shtaltovna

UA IDG Network

Marjadi Kooistra

Asian Wisdom Network

Erica Harpe

IDG Hubs Co-Coordinator

Art in Action

Meet the talented creatives weaving art into the Summit experience and all spaces in between. Engage your emotional and intuitive dimensions, going beyond ideas and talks to embodied experiences that will enrich your journey of transformation.

Rachelle Jeanty

Singer (Ex Background Vocalist of Celine Dion), Meditation Teacher & Vocal Coach

Madeleine McGirk Rutherford

Managing Director, ITAC - International Teaching Artists Collaborative

Eric Booth

Author, Teaching Artist & Co-Founder of ITAC – International Teaching Artists Collaborative

Rachael Jacobs, PhD

Academic, Teaching Artist & Community Activist

Maxida Märak

Swedish-Sámi Musician & Activist

Edmund Chow Ph.D.

Theatre Director, Applied Storytelling Professor & Teaching Artist

Francine Kliemann

Founder and Artistic Director, Platô Cultural

Simon Sharkey

Artistic Director and CEO, The Necessary Space


Our vision at IDG is a world where inner development is unlocking humanity’s power to build a flourishing future for people and the planet.

This isn’t just about personal growth; inner development is a transformative force that propels us to engage collectively with the challenges of our times.

The open-source IDG Framework, co-created with input from experts, scientists, practitioners and organisations worldwide, facilitates this transformation. It provides a shared language and structured roadmap to cultivate the essential inner skills needed for effective leadership, collaborative problem-solving, and sustainable societal change.

In-Person Tickets

Digital Tickets

In-person tickets include three days of access to the Summit in Stockholm, including lunch on October 16 and 17.

For business professionals, our Business Tickets offer exclusive access to the Day 2 business tracks, where you’ll delve into topics specifically tailored to the corporate and consultancy world. 

Digital ticket holders are invited to the IDG Summit platform and community, where the event will be live-streamed, and replays and community access will be available for three months afterwards.

"Mind Blowing. Heartwarming. Inspiring."

A 3-day Journey


At the iconic venue ‘Cirkus’ in Stockholm, expect inspiring talks, intimate conversations, art performances and participatory experiences centred around real-life stories on how inner skills can catalyse outer impact.

Dotted in and around the venue, enjoy space in between the talks for more magic to happen as you connect, digest and feel into the IDG skills across our five Dimension spaces: Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaborating, and Acting.


Embrace the tranquil spaces in between: Unplug from the intensity of the Summit and step into a serene haven of soft lighting and soothing melodies, allowing our speakers to guide you through visualisation and meditation sessions.

Explore the space in between questions and answers: Engage in discussions sparked by the stories of our speakers, browse through a selection of insightful reads or contemplate the nuances of inner development within the context of global challenges.

Bridge the space in between each other: Whether you attend the summit with colleagues, friends, or by yourself, step into a space of genuine connection, empathy, and compassion with facilitated exercises that deepen self-awareness and explore the delicate art of relating.

Navigate the spaces between challenges and solutions: Whether you’re exploring potential collaborations, launching new initiatives, or working on innovative solutions, this co-creative space encourages connection and cross-pollination around community-sourced projects.

Move across the space in between understanding and embodiment: As you go from your head into your body, discover the transformative power of movement and the arts to (re)discover the courage, optimism, and perseverance needed for your journey towards global impact.


Tailor your Summit experience and choose from five dynamic tracks, spread across Stockholm, that align with your interests or expertise. Convene with others from your field or seek a new perspective in these interactive workshops, debates, and discussions aimed at transforming the way you live and lead.

Gain practical tools to reimagine the playbook on sustainable and systemic change in collaboration with leading businesses, institutions and government organisations, then resurface together in the evening for the official closing dinner and party to round off the Summit in style.

Building Skills at Large: Integrating Inner Development into Corporate Life

Designed for business leaders, this track, in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), explores how integrating inner development can transform corporate life and accelerate progress towards the SDGs.

Gain valuable insights and practical tools for embedding the IDG agenda within your organisation in support of efforts to realise sustainability transformation. Hear directly from Chief People Officers who will share key learnings from their own IDG journeys, engage in a simulation game and explore emerging strategies and tools for effective IDG activation in a corporate setting.

This track is directed at change agents, consultants or IDG ambassadors within their own organisations who are supporting the introduction of IDGs and inner development into business corporations.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of IDG, this highly interactive session will allow you to learn from those who have already embarked on this transformative journey and share your experience with peers to deepen the awareness of your own growth edge.

In partnership with Life Calling, this track is tailored for tech enthusiasts and innovators keen on understanding the intricate relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence (AI).

In an age of rapidly accelerating technology, it is time to turn our gaze away from the screen for a moment and wonder: What if the question is not “How to make the best of AI” but rather use its advancement as a prompt to ask ourselves: How to make the best of being human? 

In this track we will explore how AI can serve as a digital mirror, reflecting our inner world and how, if it frees us from mundane tasks, we can use this time to enhance our own inner world, an ultimately, humanity.

This track, a collaborative effort with Salzburg Global Seminar, Learning Planet Institute, and the OECD, is dedicated to rethinking education at every stage of life, from early schooling to adult learning.

Help to boost the start of a coalition of individuals and organisations to drive IDG learning and development along the life course and tackle questions like: What do we envision the future of education with inner development at its core to look like? What breakthrough policies and innovations are out there making such change possible? And how can we use the IDGs to create inclusive learning and development? 

Track 5, in collaboration with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is specifically designed to explore how inner transformation supports climate innovation for regenerative urban ecosystems and launch a very concrete project: the Regenerative City Lab. We invite you to engage creatively, connect with key players, share and develop ideas in order to nourish lasting, regenerative and systemic transformations that you can implement in your own community.


"My head and heart are full to bursting with ideas, hope, love and connection."

Unwind in this optional open space to deepen connections and nurture the seeds of inspiration that were planted as you mingle, integrate & co-create with fellow participants, speakers and artists.

Continue conversations with new friends, set up spontaneous discussion circles around questions that popped up, take a walk, join the unconference or embrace this free space for whatever wants to emerge.


For those joining us online, log into the IDG Summit platform to absorb the inspiring energy and transformative insights through our livestream experience. Connect with each other through the chat or host/take part in a local watch party organised by our 500+ global Hubs to bring the IDG experience to your town or city.

Hubs and Networks

We’re excited to announce a series of streaming events and watch parties organised by some of our 600+ Hubs and Networks around the global.

About Inner Development Goals

In 2015, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provided a comprehensive plan for a sustainable world by 2030. However, progress is not happening fast enough, and we urgently need to increase our collective abilities to face and work effectively with complex challenges.

This is why we are co-creating the Inner Development Goals (IDG) – a non-profit, open-source initiative committed to fostering inner development towards more sustainable futures. We research, collect, and communicate science-based skills and qualities that help us to live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives.

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