16 - 18 October | Stockholm, Sweden & Online

From Inner Growth to Outer Change

Are you ready to shift the narrative on sustainability?

Join us as we navigate ‘The Space in Between’ inner development and outer impact when transitioning towards a more sustainable future.

Discover how Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaborating and Acting become a unified force for transformative change.

Grounded in the 5 dimensions of the IDG Framework, experience a fusion of global perspectives from science, business, academia, and the arts as we collectively step into The Space in Between —a place of unlimited imagination and possibility.

Add your voice, passion and purpose to a growing global movement of changemakers harnessing the power of inner development to drive meaningful change in the world of business and beyond.

Voices of Change

Daniel J. Siegel

M.D. | Professor of Psychiatry at The UCLA School of Medicine

Emma Stenström

Associate Professor & Director, Research Center for Arts

Massamba Thioye

Ph.D. | Project Executive, UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub

Jennifer Garvey Berger

Co-founder & CEO, Cultivating Leadership

Robert Kegan

Ph.D. | Adult Development, Harvard University

Katie Hodgetts

Founder, Resilience Project

Chen Alon

Theatre Activist, Director, Scholar & Co-Founder, Combatants for Peace

Erik Fernholm

Co-Founder, 29k Foundation & Co-Initiator, IDG

Paul Polman

Business Leader, Campaigner & Co-Author of Net Positive

Angel Acosta

Healing-Centred Educator, NYC Healing Collective

Art in Action

Rachelle Jeanty

Singer, Meditation Teacher and Vocal Coach

Madeleine McGirk

Founding Managing Director, ITAC

Eric Booth

Founder of Teaching Arts

Rachael Jacobs

Ph.D | Artist, Activist & Academic, Western Sydney University

A 3 Day Journey

Day 1 – Wed, 16 October – INSPIRATION

At the iconic venue ‘Cirkus’ in Stockholm, expect TED-Style talks, intimate conversations, art performances and participatory experiences centered around real-life stories on how inner skills can boost outer impact.

From trailblazers in adult development, business, leadership, sustainability, policy development & the arts, our speakers bring their experience, expertise and a fierce commitment to their own inner journey.

Enjoy plenty of space in between for more magic to happen as you connect, digest and embody the IDG skills across our five dimension spaces: Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaborating, and Acting.

Day 2 – Thurs, 17 October – DEEP DIVES

Tailor your Summit experience and choose from five dynamic tracks that align with your interests or expertise. From integrating inner development across business and education to AI and global collaboration, there’s something for everyone.

Convene with others from your field or seek a new perspective in these interactive workshops, debates, and discussions aimed at transforming the way you live and lead. Gain practical tools to reimagine the playbook on sustainable and systemic change.

Resurface together in the evening for the official closing dinner and a chance to exchange insights. Then brace yourself for an epic party to round off the Summit in style, leaving you inspired, connected and energised for the exciting possibilities ahead.

Day 3 – Fri, 18 October – INTEGRATION

Unwind in this optional open space in between the Summit and your return home for a chance to mingle, integrate & co-create with fellow participants, speakers and artists.

Finish up conversations, plan a session, take a walk, join the unconference or embrace this free space for whatever wants to emerge.

Savour and extend the magic of the Summit, embracing the opportunity to deepen our connections and nurture the seeds of inspiration that were planted.

The Digital Experience

For our digital community, log into the IDG Summit platform to absorb the buzzing energy and transformative insights through our live stream experience. Connect with each other through the chat or host/take part in a local watch party organised by our 500+ global Hubs to bring the IDG experience to your town or city.


5 Dimension Spaces


Embrace the tranquil spaces in between: Unplug from the intensity of the Summit and step into a serene haven where tranquility and personal growth intertwine. Get comfortable on one of the cushions and immerse yourself in soft lighting and meditative melodies, allowing our speakers to guide you through transformative meditation sessions. 


Explore the space in between questions and answers: Spend time in this vibrant space where collective intelligence and meaningful dialogue flourish. Engage in discussions sparked by the stories of our speakers, browse through a selection of insightful reads or contemplate the nuances of inner development within the context of global challenges. 


Bridge the space in between each other: Whether you attend the summit with colleagues, friends, or, by yourself, this space is crafted to forge new connections and explore our shared humanity. Step into a space of genuine connection, empathy, and compassion with facilitated exercises that deepen self-awareness and explore the delicate art of relating.


Navigate the spaces between challenges and solutions: This co-creative space is designated to encourage connection and cross-pollination around community-sourced projects. Whether you’re exploring potential collaborations, launching new initiatives, or working on innovative solutions, the IDG Garden provides the perfect platform. 


Move across the space in between understanding and embodiment: As you go from your head into your body, discover the transformative power of movement and the arts. Be guided through yoga, dance, and embodiment exercises, creating a space for (re)discovering courage, optimism, and the perseverance needed for your journey towards global impact.

5 Deep Dive Tracks

Building Skills at Large

Integrating Inner Development into Corporate Life (for business ticket holders only)

Leading From Within

Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Investment (for business ticket holders only)

The AI Revolution

Equipping Ourselves for the AI Transformation

The Future of Learning

IDG along all Education Cycles through Life

Transforming Systems

Integrating IDGs into Society
What is the difference between a business ticket and a non-profit ticket?

Business ticket holders have exclusive access to the Business Tracks on Day 2. Choose between Track 1 – Building Skills at Large (Integrating IDG into Corporate Life) or Track 2 – Leading from Within: Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment (IDG Driving Social Business Models).

Non-profit ticket holders will have access to the remaining three tracks, and digital ticket holders can access all five tracks through the online platform.

I have a promo code, but it doesn’t seem to work.
I have bought a ticket to the Summit and would like to have a receipt/invoice with our company details.

Please send an email to with all the ticketing info and company information, with the subject line: Your name, Summit 2024 Invoice.

I wish to buy a ticket to the Summit, but I would need to pay by invoice.

We issue invoices for a minimum of 1 physical ticket or 5 digital tickets. If this is the case, please send an email to with information on the tickets you’d like and your company information.

I noticed that VAT is charged automatically. I live outside of Europe, can you allow me to pay without the VAT fee?

Unfortunately not. Tickets to conferences are one of several exceptions to the reverse charge rule for VAT. Like hotel, taxi, and restaurant services, they shall always be sold with VAT.

Is accommodation included in the Summit ticket price?

 Accommodation is not included in the Summit ticket price. However, for 15-18 October, we have arranged a special discount for Summit participants at the centrally located Generator Hostel. Choose from shared hostel dorms to private shared or single occupancy rooms and enjoy the 15% discount using this link. More accommodation options near the venue (Cirkus, Stockholm) can be found online to suit your preferences and budget.

Is any food included with the in-person ticket?

An in-person ticket includes two days of access to the Summit in Stockholm, including lunch on October 16 and 17.

I have an in-person ticket but can no longer attend. May I get a full refund or convert my ticket into a virtual one?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for in-person or digital tickets. However, in the event that you are unable to attend, we can transfer your ticket to someone else.

When you have a buyer of your ticket, please email to let us know the details of the new person so we can update the information in our database.

Can I volunteer for the Summit?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering this year; we’d love to have you on board! Please learn more about our volunteering opportunities here or sign up directly to become part of the team!

Can I contribute or somehow get involved with the Summit?

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us for the Summit. We are currently accepting speaker suggestions and applications here. If you would like to contribute another way, please contact with information about your offering.

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